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How We Collect

page2_pic1Unpaid accounts receivables are the woe of any successful business. Often times, they can be the largest asset of a company and a challenge to collect in today’s turbulent economic environment. At the Lannister Law Corporation, we provide state-wide legal services to protect creditors’ rights in collection proceedings. Our lawyers and staff are well seasoned litigation professionals who possess the expertise and litigation skills to handle your consumer, commercial and retail collection cases. We are aggressive and successful advocates in both the courtroom and alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation. Every file received at our office is personally investigated and pre-litigation tactics are applied before litigation is commenced.

Our philosophy is to collect the money that is owed to you in the fastest most legally expedient manner possible, while complying fully with California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act. Sometimes that means filing suit immediately. At other times we can resolve your claim and get your money without the necessity of filing suit. Either way, when you have upheld your end of a contract, you expect the debtor to do the same. We do not engage in an endless string of phone calls and letters to the debtor. We will respectfully communicate with the debtor in timely and efficient manner. If that doesn’t achieve a satisfactory result we will file suit.

We are committed to effect timely and result-oriented litigation

Our fee arrangements are usually contingent in nature and we will use our best efforts to resolve a matter as efficiently and profitably as possible. Your time is better spent on growing your business. At the Lannister Law Corporation we are also dedicated to helping you collect your court awarded judgment. Our firm can quickly convert your winning judgment into cash. Services include: – Writs and Receivers – Post judgment Enforcement – Secured and Unsecured Debt Recovery – Enforcement of Arbitration Awards – Fraudulent Conveyance of Assets. If your business needs more firepower on your accounts receivable or if you want to collect a pre-existing judgment, contact the Lannister Law Corporation today. We can turn your bad paper into a stream of cash.