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Lannister law corporation is dedicated to resolving consumer debts through our skilled and knowledgeable team. We offer contingency fee based legal collections for accounts receivable delinquencies. We have been an innovator in an industry where people are usually considered a commodity. A strong belief in people, in family, has enabled Lannister to retain employees long-term, minimizing turn-over, which helps the business focus on meeting and surpassing goals. Without good people, a business can only function at basic levels — Lannister  spends significant time, more than the industry average, training their collectors and in-house legal personnel. Lannister believes that investing in their valued employees and all related business relationships always yields a sure return.

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Judgment & Debt Collection
Toll-free: (888) 596.2067
Local: (916) 254.5300

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Unpaid accounts receivables are the woe of any successful business. Often times, they can be the largest asset of a company and a challenge to collect in today’s turbulent economic environment.

We are committed to effect timely and result-oriented litigation. At the Lannister Law Corporation we are also dedicated to helping you collect your court awarded judgment. Our firm will work quickly convert your winning judgment into cash.

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What We Do?

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Why Us?

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What’s New?

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What Do Our Clients Say?

“We were thrilled to win a judgment in court, only to find out that it meant nothing unless we could collect it. After trying to track the party down on our own with no success, we turned to Lannister for help. Within weeks the team had discovered that the corporation had filed for bankruptcy but the partner was still liable. Lannister tracker him down, sent a demand letter and ultimately collected the judgment. It was refreshing to work with a group a people who care about collecting debts that are owed, and it was satisfying to get our money back.”