Lannister LC Follows Fair Debt Collection Practices

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At Lannister LC we believe that the debtor is entitled to respect and we are committed to working with responsible debtors to help them get out of debt. Lannister LC follows California’s Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act.  The debtor will not be abused and harassed. The following is a list of common violations under California’s FDCPA and it is our promise that Lannister LC will not engage in:

  • Calling  the debtor too often
  • Contacting the debtor after the debtor notifies us in writing to stop
  • Calling the debtor at work, after the debtor tells us to stop
  • Calling the debtor’s employer
  • Calling the debtor’s family or friends
  • Disclosing the debtor’s debt to others
  • Threatening the debtor will jail or arrest if he or she does not pay (unpaid debt is NEVER a crime)
  • Threatening to garnish the debtors wages or seize debtor’s assets before the debtor has been sued
  • Using profanity
LannisterLannister LC Follows Fair Debt Collection Practices